• Rawa (semolina)- - 250 gm

  • Sugar syrup—450ml

  • Haldirams Desi ghee-200 gm

  • Water—750 ml

  • Green cardamom—2 no

  • Almond slivers—5 gm

  • Kishmish- 10 gm


  1. Take a thick bottom kadhai , we can use non stick Kadhai either.

  2. Add ghee and heat it.

  3. In same Kadhai now add rawa , sauté(bhuno) it till light golden brown in colour. Stir continuously.

  4. While you are sautéing make sugar syrup mix . take a vessel add leftover sugar syrup , water and green cardamom. Let it boil , if there is any scum remove it. Remove from fire and also remove green cardamom.

  5. Slowly add the ready sugar syrup in sautéed rawa . Keep stirring.

  6. Keep the gas at medium speed. Cook till the water is evaporated.

  7. Now add almond slivers and kishmish. Use ¾th quantity for mixing and rest for garnish..

  8. Serve hot .U can also enjoy rawa sheera with hot pooris .