Masala Tit Bit & Masala Sticks Combo

Chai Ke Sath Masala Combo
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Nibble-sized namkeen crackers flavored with a blast of jeera, black pepper, and red chili masala, Haldiram's Masala Tit-Bits are the ideal chai-time companions. Wholesome cracker sticks made with the goodness of atta and a dash of spices. These crunchy masala sticks are an answer to all your snacking needs!


Nutritional Information
* Nutritional Values Per 100G :
1. Energy : 567 Kcal
2. Carbohydrate : 50.21G
3. Sugar : 0.84 G
4. Total Fat : 37.99G
5. Protein : 6.03G
6. Fiber : 1.86G
7. Sodium : 198.2G
8. Cholesterol : Nil


  • Product Life
    3 Months
  • Pack Size
    400 gm


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