Moong Dal Halwa Rolls


240 gms Haldriam’s Moong Dal Halwa 

4 phyllo sheets

Melted butter for brushing 

Icing sugar for dusting 

Ice Cream Dip 

1 cup vanilla ice cream

1 banana

10-12 fresh blueberries


  • Take a phyllo sheet cut into half. Brush one half with melted butter and lay down the other half on the butter side of the first half. Pat lightly and cut from center into equal portions
  • Stuff small portions of the Haldiram’s Moong Dal Halwa onto the phyllo sheets. Dust butter on the sides and places where the halwa isn’t on the phyllo sheet. 
  • Fold it in from the sides and dust with butter to act like a sticking agent. Roll the sheet into cylinder formation. Repeat the same with the rest of the sheets
  • Once completed lay all portions into a baking tray with the seam of the portion facing down. Put into oven at 180 degrees the portions turn to an even brown colour.

Ice Cream Dip Method

  • In a blender take 1 peeled banana, 10-12 fresh blueberries and a cup of vanilla ice cream
  • Blend and dip are ready to serve along with Haldiram's Moong Dal Halwa rolls