Ajwain Thepla (175 gms)

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Theplas are breakfast staples for some, tea time favorites for others and for a few just the perfect carry on during a long vacation. Even though theplas originate from Gujarati cuisine, they are enjoyed pan India. Usually made with whole wheat flour, gram flour, millet flour, and spices, all households have different recipes to make them. Some add veggies and fenugreek leaves (methi) too. With a side of your favorite achaar, theplas can turn into a very satisfying meal.


Nutritional Information
* Nutritional Values Per 100G :
1. Energy : 339 Kcal
2. Carbohydrate : 50.75 G
3. Sugar : 0.93G
4. Total Fat : 11.56G
5. Saturated Fatty Acids : 1.39 G
6. Trans Fatty Acids : 0 G
7. Protein : 5.64G
8. Dietary fiber 4.82G
9. Cholesterol : Nil
10. Sodium : 552Mg
* These Are Approximate Values.


  • Product Life
    1 Month
  • Pack Size
    175 gm


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