India’s Glorious Snacks History

Snacks have been around for as long as the concept of eating has – and of course, India has a long and glorious history of snacks. This 15th of August, as we celebrate our 70th year of Independence, let us also celebrate 80 Years of Haldiram’s and the over hundred years of delicious snacks that are famous all over India – thanks to the advent of Haldiram’s since 1937! Bikaneri Bhujia The classic Bikaneri Bhujia is prepared by using moth beans and besan and spices, and is named after its place of origin, Bikaner, Rajasthan. This trademark Indian snack was made famous throughout the nation after the popularisation of Haldiram’s Bhujia and their unbeatable Bhujia recipes. Since then, households around the country can be found adding Bhujia Sev to garnish dishes like Poha, Pav Bhaji, Pani Puri etc. Kids and adults alike can be found munching on the irresistible Aloo Bhujia at all hours of the day!

The Classic Laddu

Everyone’s favourite sweet dish from childhood to old age! The choices never end when you want to eat a laddu! You can choose a Boondi Laddu – traditionally eaten during Diwali, a Besan Laddu that is a staple from Grandma’s kitchen or you can get creative with various forms of Dryfruit Laddus, Kaju Laddus, Rajgira Laddus or even rice laddus. This round, ball-shaped sweet has won the hearts of the entire Indian subcontinent over the centuries!

Childhood Favourite Chiwda

When we were kids, summertime meant relaxing with friends, having freedom from homework and of course – munching on the crunchy, sometimes sweet-sometimes spicy chiwdas made by your mom with love! While other countries call it “Bombay Mix”, this signature Indian snack is known by many names across the nation like Chiwda, Chuda and Chanachor!

Golgappas and Pani Puri

Did you know that Pani Puris are said to have originated during the Vedic Times? Legends say one day when Draupadi was waiting on the Pandavas to come home for dinner, she realised that there was only enough dough and potatoes to make one serving of puri bhaji. Hence she divided it into five portions – and that’s how the Pani Puri was invented! But these days, pani Puris are a staple street food that no Indian can resist! Whether you call them Gol Gappas or Puchkas, they are an integral part of Indian cuisine!

Chatpata Samosas

Samosas are a beloved dish not just in India, but in Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa too. However, no matter how yummy those other versions of the Samosa may be – there’s just no competition to the classic spicy masala potato filling surrounded by golden, crunchy fried dough. And don’t forget the mirchis and chutneys that accompany it too. Biting into a fresh, hot samosa can make any Indian feel like they are right at home!

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