Baked Rasgulla Custard


12 pieces Haldiram’sRasgulla

3 ½ cups milk

2 tbsp Sugar

1 tbsp refined flour (maida)

½ tsp vanilla essence

1 tbsp saffron milk

½ cup grated khoya

2 tbsp cornflour

Sliced pistachio for garnishing


• Heat Milk add fresh cream and sugar. Boil for a while stirring continuously.

• Add vanilla essence, saffron milk and khoya and let it simmer for a while.

• Make a slurry of cornflour with milk and add to the boiling mixture. Stir continuously to avoid any lumps.

• Take out Haldiram'sRasgullas from the tin. Remove the syrup as much as possible without breaking the rasgullas.

• Pour the custard in the baking dish. Arrange the rasgullas and bake for 10 mins at 180 degrees.

• Take out garnish with pistachios and serve hot or chilled.