Think Namkeens, think Haldiram’s

Haldiram’s is synonymous with tasty, mouth-watering, Indian snacks, be it sweet or the spicy, mouth-watering and hot snacks manufactured with the single aim of indulging the customer in great taste.

Excellence is what keeps Haldiram’s going

Excellence is surely rewarded, always. Haldiram’s clearly pips other food processing and Indian snack manufacturers at the post. So much that the even most ubiquitous mouth-watering snack you relish during high-tea, at the office, at home, while traveling, or simply when you are hungry, the Aloo Bhujia, is synonymous with Haldiram’s.

Haldiram’s Bhujia comes in delicious varieties. For many us, If it is not Haldiram’s it is not Bhujia. A hard-earned reputation of over 70 years of free India’s history.

Power Brands recognizes Haldiram’s as one the top 70 Indian power brands

On September 12, 2017, Power Brands, a premier organization, in an event jointly hosted by Planman Media, bestowed Haldiram’s with the unique honour of being one of the top 70 Indian power brands that command total respect in both Indian and global markets.

A laurel that doesn’t come easy, the renowned organization has chosen Haldiram’s as one of Indian’s most trusted power brands with a global reputation for quality and standard in a ceremony marked by fanfare, colour, and glitz.

Haldiram’s has come a long away from 1937 when it was set up as a small namkeen and sweet shop in Bikaner, Rajasthan.

How has Haldiram’s progressed from being a small ‘dukan’ in Bikaner to a global star today? It is not a chequered history at all – it is simply a matter of smooth progression from one strength to another and getting, naturally, to where it stands today as the power brand among Indian food processing entities.

Has the going been easy for Haldiram’s?

It cannot be, given the name and fame it has achieved. It took a tremendous amount of dedication and hard work to infuse quality into its products. Needless to say, Haldiram’s is synonymous with quality for its consumers globally and locally.

Taste matters

Haldiram’s knows, respects and understands, the nuances of Indian palate. Its products cater to a variety of tastes unique to a diverse country like India, with different cultures and taste buds. Not an easy job. This is where Haldiram’s scores naturally over others, even though the Indian snack market is crowded with major players vying for space, including renowned west-based multinationals.

Being an Indian company well-versed with traditional preparations, no one can understand Indian consumers like Haldiram’s. And the result of its efforts is all too evident with its customer base, market reach, customer satisfaction, financial success, and the accolades.

What is Indian culinary without sweets and spices?

Halwa, Doodh Pedha, Soan Papdi, Kaju Katli; the ubiquitous Ladoo, all of these become magic with Haldiram’s touch. You cannot imagine a fully decked Indian thaali without one of these occupying the pride of place. If you have a sweet tooth Haldiram’s does its best to spoil you.

Other than its world-famous Aloo Bhujia and Orange Burfee, Haldiram’s offer a mind-boggling variety here, including Masala Chana, Mini Samosa, Murukku, Kachori, Lahsun sev, Pancharatan Mixture. The sweet and spice range by Haldirams pretty much covers everything our Indians crave for at the time of munching. This makes it naturally easy for Haldiram’s to achieve its reputation as the No.1 brand in ready-to-eat food and snack segment.

Do your own thing by ordering online

Haldiram’s indulges customers with their unique whims and fancies. It allows them to customize their order, while they order online. So a customer gets exactly what he or she wants in a mix. This is particularly useful during festival times when a customer wants his or her unique orders as gift packs to be given out during festivals.

Where do we go from here?

All said, the Power Brands awards that happened on September 12, 1017, is only a day in the life of the glorious history of Haldiram’s; it deserves the award and will reap much more in future, given its dedication, loyalty to customer, passion for quality, and thorough understanding of what clicks with the customers.

There are no shortcuts to earning customer loyalty and nothing short of dedicated work and quality will do, and Haldiram’s understands this totally.